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Are you interested in luxury homes in 77079? With luxury real estate being such a significant investment in your family's future, you would be joining a community of intelligent and forward-thinking individuals! If you are interested in the lifestyle surrounding the elegant dwellings west of the big city, you’re in the right place. Go ahead and call me today to get started!

A luxury home is a great way to be able to entertain guests while showing your social status. When you have your fancy soirées with your friends and family, everyone at the party will know that you planned well and invested smartly. You’ll also have a large, fantastic home with plenty of space, which gives you endless possibilities.

You’ll have the ability to have whatever amenities you need in your home. A movie theatre? You can easily find those. High ceilings for hanging fancy chandeliers? As you wish! Nothing is stopping you from turning your home into the one in your dreams, and you'll have space and structure to do it! I’m an excellent negotiator, so I’ll get you a great deal on top of that!

I can show you some beautiful luxury homes in 77079. Once you find a home you love, just say the word, and I’ll begin the proceedings to get you your keys to the front door. My name is Robert Patton, and it’s my goal to please every client I have at 110%! Call my office today to schedule a luxury buyer’s consultation.

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