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Free Market Analysis 77094

When you are thinking of selling, you’ll want a free market analysis in 77094. You know the importance of making sure to price your home correctly, and this is the best way to get that information! My name is Robert Patton, and with my help, you won’t have to guess and estimate how much your home is worth. Here’s what I’ll do for you!

First, I’ll schedule a time to walk through your home and take notes on all its main features. Square footage, number of bathrooms, and other important information get put into a customized house profile that represents the assets your home has to offer. Then, I’ll use that profile to compare against other listings that match your home’s specs, to gather a set of listing prices that form a range. Here’s where it gets interesting.

The scope of the prices on the market will have a red zone where the prices were not acceptable, and thus the listings failed and sat dormant. There’s also a green zone where the homes sold quickly and without problems. We want your home to be part of that projected green zone in the future, so we can use this model as a base to decide what to list your home for here. It’s a very accurate projection, so you won’t have to worry about the price being wrong or the listing sitting for too long!

When you work with me, I meet your needs for a free market analysis in 77094! You’ll have accurate data from cutting-edge techniques that shine through the competition. Don’t waste your time guessing at prices ever again! Call my office today for a free consultation, and we’ll get you started.

What’s in a CMA report? https://www.realtor.com/advice/sell/understanding-the-comparative-market-analysis/

  • I want a free market analysis in 77094.

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