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I offer a free CMA for 77406 homes that owners want to sell! You’re on the right track already if you're looking into getting a market analysis done because you know the importance of accurate and correct information. Without a reliable way to price your home for sale, you’re shooting in the dark at a target you don’t even know is there. Let me help you make sure your home sells for the best price in the smallest amount of time!

A CMA is the best way to make sure that quickly sells your home because it gives you an accurate reconstruction of a market snapshot wherein your home could sell. You can use the data from it to extrapolate a price at which you should list your house. Correctly priced, a home can be on the market for less than a few days! You won’t have to wait and waste time wondering whether you offered a competitive price on your home.

My service is completely free! I’ll walk through your home and use the data I take down to create a customized home profile to be used for comparisons. I can note anything special or high quality in your home and make sure it’s in your listing price! The process is simple for you, and you get a powerful tool for selling your home.

For your free CMA in 77406, don’t hesitate another minute! My office is ready to set up a free consultation and get your CMA started. I pride myself on getting the best results for my clients, and that’s what I’ve dedicated my craft to getting done! Call me today—I’m ready to help you!

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