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Comparative Market Analysis Richmond TX

Do you think you need a comparative market analysis in Richmond, TX? A CMA is a powerful tool in the belt of any home seller. Its in-depth analysis of the value and attributes of your home and the surrounding market trends allows for any conscientious seller to get a perfect sense of the worth of their property. My name is Robert Patton, and I’m here to tell you what a CMA is all about!

First, a comparative market analysis is different from an appraisal in that appraisals give you most of the same information but cost money. You can use an official appraisal's certification as proof of value in a bank's negotiations for a loan, for instance. A CMA is a more informal and, therefore, less legally-applicable practice, but it nonetheless gets you the same results. The best part is that CMAs are a free service that I offer to my clients!

I’ll start with a detailed walkthrough of the home so that I can gather relevant data. Your home’s profile will need information like the number of rooms and bathrooms, the square footage, and other similar data to be accurate. Then, I will gather similar listings from the recent past in the area, and create a model market where those listings succeeded or failed. The report gives a range in which your home should fall, and from there, I can use data analysis to pinpoint an appropriate initial listing price for you.

Without a comparative market analysis in Richmond, TX, your home could sit on the listing pages forever and languish in solitude. Avoid the long waits and never receiving offers when you work with me! I can have your CMA finished and your home listed and sold in no time at all. Call my office today to schedule a free consultation!

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